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About Us

The Teaching HuB – Mission Statement

The Teaching HuB offers professional, honest, personal service together with good quality educational resources for parents, teachers and students.

Our store front enables customers to ‘touch and feel’ our products prior to purchasing whilst also offering an easy access website for perusal and online ordering.

We pride ourselves in listening to our local educators and providing them with the resources they need to educate today’s students to become tomorrow’s successful adults.

The Teaching HuB – Vision Statement
Our Vision is to be immersed with the education community of the Peel region and become the first point of call when seeking education resources.
Exciting news!

The Teaching HuB in Mandurah has been sold and moved to a newer, fresher premises at 1/58 Reserve Drive, Mandurah, two blocks east from its old position.

The new owners Debbie Appeldorff and Shane Beach are a local Mandurah couple. Mandurah has a new bridge and Debbie and Shane are in the process of building and repairing bridges to The Teaching HuB.

‘We ask you to view The Teaching HuB anew and test our commitment to reliable and honest service.’ Debbie and Shane

Debbie has previously owned and/or operated various businesses, including child care centres.

Shane was a Secondary and Primary Teacher for over 30 years. Whilst he specialises in English and HaSS, he has a broad knowledge of many school subjects including Maths.

Shane has owned a successful Tutoring business in Mandurah for the past three years, which now operates from The Teaching HuB.

Debbie and her staff manage The Teaching HuB which is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 5pm and Saturday, 8.30 am until noon. Shane will continue tutoring from The Teaching HuB.

We sell a wide range of educational supplies, fill booklists, and provide tutoring. Our focus is on being readily available to support our local community and hope that you can also support us by buying locally where possible.

Debbie and Shane look forward to a solid, friendly, reliable and professional relationship with you and welcome the opportunity to assist in any way possible.