Maximising Test Results - NAPLAN*-style Year 9 Numeracy: Non-calculator

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This book is designed to provide a photocopiable resource for teachers to prepare their Year 9 students for the annual national numeracy test program called NAPLAN*. It focuses on mathematical problems that need to be solved without using a calculator. The companion book NAPLAN*- style Numeracy: Year 9 Calculator and books for Year 7 are also available. Teachers may notice that a small number of questions from the Year 7 books are repeated in the Year 9 titles. This reflects the official test format and is done for psychometric analysis purposes.


Each title in the Maximising Test Results: NAPLAN*-style Numeracy series contains four photocopiable practice tests. These tests cover the range of numeracy skills that students need to master in order to meet the minimum standards for their year level.


Test 1 is annotated with the following helpful teaching features:


HINTS – explain what the question is really asking students to do.

TIPS – offer helpful tips for students to use when working out the correct answer.

TRAPS – point out common errors or ways in which students may misinterpret the question.

THINGS TO KNOW – outline key facts, definitions and mathematical knowledge that students need to learn before sitting the tests.


The annotated test is designed to build students’ understanding and confidence about the kinds of knowledge required to answer questions in the test, and also to provide them with strategies for answering the different types of questions.


The other three tests provide students with valuable practice in sitting NAPLAN-style tests, enabling students to become familiar with the style and presentation of questions and consolidating their numeracy skills and knowledge. Complete answers to all four tests are provided at the back of the book to assist with time-efficient marking.


All answers are provided.


Versatile uses:

Helps students to familiarise themselves with the multiple-choice test format

Thorough revision of key mathematical skills

As homework, revision, to supplement a lesson or for ongoing assessment

For when a regular teacher is absent


Teaching benefits and features:

Four new and complete tests that will make pre-test preparation easy

One test includes hints and tips to help students avoid the common traps that they may encounter in tests

A quick way to target student weaknesses

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