WACE Study Guide Human Biology Year 11 ATAR Course Units 1 & 2 AC -SECONDHAND

Author(s): Peter Walster



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This study guide has been written for the Year 11 Human Biology syllabus (ATAR course), Units 1 and 2. The order in which the sections have been presented is similar to that of the syllabus. However you may complete the revision guide in which ever order is appropriate to you. Exciting changes have been made to the human biology course. This guide should make the task of revising for tests and examinations easier. 

Review Questions and Answers

Each section starts with a list of terms that you are likely to be expected to know. The terms have been chosen because they are regarded as important. A feature of this subject is that it requires you to become familiar with many terms, many of which are likely to be new to you. Getting to know the terminology is part of the enjoyment of human biology and it is also an essential requirement. Answers to all the questions in this guide are provided at the end of the book. Make sure to carefully check your answers against those that are given. You can learn to improve your answers in this way. Often the answers given are in greater detail than is actually required by the question. This is intentional, as students you will benefit by adding additional information to your own answers. By doing the review questions thoroughly you should improve your understanding of the course and should therefore improve your test performances.

Trial Tests and Answers

There are fifteen trial tests, one for each chapter. Each test has a multiple choice, a short answer and an extended answer section. This is intended to mirror the exams and school tests that you are likely to do. The answers given are also more detailed than is normally required. This is intended to expand your understanding. The time allocations are given as a guide only, but you should try to do the tests in the time allocated. Pay particular attention to the extended answer questions as this is an area that many students find most challenging. You may need more space than we have allowed for the extended answers — use some note paper if necessary. Study the answers given to determine the depth and the detail that is required in extended answers. Human biology is a thoroughly enjoyable and very interesting subject. It is fascinating to learn more about yourself and modern developments in this science. This revision book will help you to do this and therefore achieve better results.


This is a comprehensive list of terms with their meanings. It represents a good proportion of the vocabulary that you need to be familiar with in the course. Consult the glossary frequently. Whenever you encounter a term that you are not quite sure about, use the glossary to check its meaning. In doing this you will become more familiar with the language used in this course and a more competent student of human biology.


  • UNIT 1

    • 1. Science Inquiry Skills 1

    • 2. Cells and Tissues

    • 3. Metabolism

    • 4. Respiratory System

    • 5. Circulatory System

    • 6. Digestive System

    • 7. Musculoskeletal System

    • 8. Excretory System

    • 9. Science as a Human Endeavour 1

  • UNIT 2

    • 10. Science Inquiry Skills 2

    • 11. DNA

    • 12. Cell Reproduction

    • 13. Human Reproduction

    • 14. Types of Inheritance

    • 15. Science as a Human Endeavour 2





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