The Sacred Balance

Author(s): David Suzuki & Amanda McConnell

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Rediscovering our place in nature This bestselling, richly provocative and profoundly thoughtful book is world-renowned environmentalist David Suzuki's 'bottom line' for a sustainable future for life on Earth. Every day we are bombarded with the message that the bottom line for society and governments must be the economy and global competitiveness. But what are the real needs that we must satisfy to live rich, fulfilling lives? In this seminal work, David Suzuki presents a radically different perspective on our basic needs and the real bottom line. It begins with the recognition that we are creatures of the Earth and, as such, we are utterly dependent on its gifts of air, water, soil and the energy of the sun. These elements are not just external factors, we take them into our bodies, where they are incorporated into our very essence. What replenishes the air, water and soil and captures sunlight to vitalise the biosphere is the diverse web of all beings. All species are our evolutionary relatives, and we have a genetically programmed need for their company. As social animals, we have an absolute need for love without it, we suffer dire psychological and physical consequences. The strength of that love is reflected in healthy, vibrant families and communities supported with full employment, security and justice. Finally, we have spiritual needs, which are ultimately rooted in nature, the source of our inspiration and belonging. These are the real requirements of all humanity and should form the basis of any society aspiring to a truly sustainable future. This powerful, deeply felt book gives concrete suggestions for how we can meet these basic needs and create a way of life that is ecologically sustainable, fulfilling and just. It also tells the stories of people who have put their beliefs into action and are helping to create such a way of life. And it offers the seeds of a new direction for us all, one in which we can rediscover our place in nature and live in balance with our surroundings.

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